Stone Town, Zanzibar
Do you ever wonder what it feels like to be treated as a Sultan or Sultana? Situated in the heart of UNESCO’s heritage site Stone Town lays the Zanzibar Palace Hotel - a beautifully renovated old merchant house with distinctive characteristics all over the building. An overnight here is truly a unique experience and makes you feel like stepping back in time. Renowned as Tanzania’s Leading Hotel by the World Travel Awards in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2019, the Zanzibar Palace Hotel offers a unique style with a strong focus on high quality service and modern comforts. All of the nine rooms are completely different and influences of Zanzibar's rich history (a blend of Arabian, Indian and English designs) are integrated throughout. All the furniture is of very high quality and carefully selected to give the hotel a wonderfully traditional and antique feel. Each room features its own unique decor with many local originating antique pieces of furniture, magical beds, Persian rugs and colorful silks. And the suites are like nothing else in Stone Town - spacious with a collection of original furniture and authentic features, creating an Arabian night’s atmosphere. The rooms as well as…
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the main areas downstairs, as in lobby, reception, restaurant and bar areas, are fully air-conditioned. This blissfully cool comfort can be a pleasant treat, especially with the sometimes oppressively hot temperatures in Zanzibar where most bars and restaurants are outdoors. 

The relaxing and charming atmosphere makes it a perfect place to unwind (either in the public areas or in the privacy of your room) and to daydream about the life of the Sultans, while at the same time enjoying a wide range of modern facilities of current life. Enjoy high quality food in the small Palace Restaurant with its quiet ambience, enjoy a cocktail in the bar, or indulge in a wonderful treatment in the spa. The chef at the Palace Restaurant creates a meal as no other with fantastic basic ingredients, just a few extra touches and lots of passion. You will find the finest fresh seafood that can be found on the Island in our private restaurant with main courses vary from tuna, kingfish, jumbo prawns, to the famous two and a half to four and a half pound char grilled lobster. Also served are meat dishes of beef and pork. 

The Zanzibar Palace Luxury Spa has a contemporary look and feel with one-of-a-kind art and furniture. As you walk through the front door, you notice the soft aqua blue interior colors along with the antique furniture. You are immediately put into a state of calm and relaxation.

AT A GLANCE - Luxury Room (Nadia & Rosewood)

This entry-level room type is a good option for those who wish to enjoy all the facilities and services of the hotel, but who are on a more modest budget. The size of the bedroom is 215 ft² and standard comes with a double bed (no twin option possible), build in cabinet and sitting area. Each room has vivid colors, is wonderfully decorated and mixed with luxurious surroundings and modern comforts. The en-suite bathroom (32 ft²) has a washing basin, shower and toilet.

AT A GLANCE – Romantic Suite (Farizah & Sultana)

Couples and honeymooners be aware: in this highly romantic suite you will fall in love all over again! This large open room has a more romantic and intimate room set-up, due to its open plan bathroom with a huge bath (which is big enough for two). Each room is 508 ft² and comes with a double bed, build-in cabinet, sitting area and lovely private balcony (118 ft²). Both situated on the front side of the hotel and a big balcony that is ideal to have a tea, relax and/or watch the world go by. Farizah (meaning ‘arch’ in Arabic) is called after the arch inside and Sultana means wife of the sultan.

AT A GLANCE - Grand Suite (double/twin/triple) (Kijani & Shaba)

Kijani (1st floor) means green and Shaba (2nd floor) means copper in Kiswahili, both rooms speak for themselves when you enter them. Moreover, these suites are more an apartment and divided into three parts, the entrance is a large hallway/lounge (138 ft²), secondly a separate superb bathroom (160 ft²) with large bathtub, washing basin, toilet and open cabinet with enough dressing space), further along is the bedroom (215 ft²) with a double plus single bed and sitting area with TV corner. All this only for you, gives a guaranteed homely feeling.

AT A GLANCE - Signature Suite (Arabica)

Inspired by the Arabian influences on Zanzibar, this Arabic styled room offers modern facilities, but still gives you the feeling authentic feeling of being in a ‘different world’. This room (498 ft² total, located on the 3rd floor) has a double bed, sitting area, and a desk. A semi-open plan bathroom (160 ft²) has a large shower, two washing basins, toilet and large dresser. And the cozy private balcony (53 ft²) offers an excellent view of Stone Town.

AT A GLANCE – Palace Suite (Sherali)

The spacious suite (708 ft², located on the 3rd floor) is elegantly decorated in Victorian style. Large wooden sliding panels (with glass), surround the room and give a view of the ocean and picturesque Stone Town. Cooled by the sea breeze on the day and cooled by air-conditioning during the nights. The large suite with antique Zanzibar furniture has a double bed, two impressive fauteuils and a Persian. The romantic bathtub in the suite forces you to relax. Further a semi-open bathroom (233 ft²) with shower, double washing basin, make-up table, double wardrobe and separate toilet. A dream of beauty, luxury and comfort makes it a wonderful place to stay.

AT A GLANCE - Honeymoon Suite (Dunia)

You want something special? Unique in Stone Town!  This spacious suite (730 ft², located on the 3rd floor) with antique Zanzibar furniture which adds to the royal feeling one gets from entering, a high king-size Sultan's bed, lounge corner, wardrobe and balcony. There are two balcony areas. The first balcony overlooking the city is adjacent to the bedroom, whilst the other area can be found one extra floor up (4th floor) on the rooftop; where an outdoor bathroom is located as well.   Dunia means the world in Arabic and that’s the feeling you definitely get while bathing in the outdoor bathroom (192 ft²) with views that are to die for. On the rooftop there is a supersize Sultan’s bathtub, shower and toilet. And a private sundeck (64 ft²) overlooking the rooftops of Stone Town, admiring the amazing sea view with a cocktail, being a perfect spot for sunrise, sunset or to gaze out at the star-filled sky.  This suite is perfect for couples, honeymooners, or simply anyone who wants to ‘splash out’ and feel the need for absolute luxury, comfort and the experience of a unique room!


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